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Consumers in Pakistan being harassed by Telecom Companies, Regulatory Authority remains a silent spectator. (November 17, 2012)

The best space images of 2019

With some blockbuster space missions under way, 2019 saw some amazing images beamed back to Earth from around the Solar System. Meanwhile, some of our most powerful telescopes were trained on the Universe's most fascinating targets. Here are a few of the best, reports National Geographic magazine. (Now available in Pakistan)                        

Martian selfie

Nasa's Curiosity rover has been exploring Gale Crater on Mars since 2012. The robot took this "selfie" as it explored the slopes of Mount Sharp - a mountain that forms the central peak of the impact depression.

Two samples of rock drilled from this site showed exceptionally high amounts of clay minerals. Clay often forms in the presence of water, which is a key ingredient for life. Previous evidence had shown that water once pooled in Gale Crater.

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Far side of the Moon

On 3 January this year, China's Chang'e-4 spacecraft became the first mission to perform a soft landing on the far side of the Moon. A few days after the touchdown, cameras on the robotic rover and its lander were commanded to take photos of one another.

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Up in the clouds

Nasa's Juno spacecraft has been sending back stunning images of Jupiter's clouds since it arrived in orbit around the giant planet in 2016. This amazing, colour-enhanced view shows patterns that look like they were created by paper marbling. The picture was compiled from four separate images taken by the spacecraft on 29 May.

The image above shows swirling clouds that surround a circular feature within a jet stream region on Jupiter.

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1 January 2020

50 exoplanets discovered in deep space by advanced artificial intelligence

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