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 Imran Khan

National Geographic explores human mind!

Some minds are so exceptional they change the world. We donít know exactly why these people soar above the rest of us, but science offers us clues, National Geographic magazine tries to explain..


To be a genius is to understand, to understand is to have appropriated to the imagination.

And this appropriation is not so much 'mastery' as being-mastered-by that which is understood.

Most people's 'understanding' on most (or all) topics is at the level of accepting. Accepting what people say, accepting rules or laws or maxims - and applying them.

Everyday so-called-understanding is passive, submissive, sociable, empathic, ego-denying: moves from the outside inwards.

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But for the genius in relation to the thing about which they are a genius: understanding is an act of internalizing; making of the thing a part of themselves - no, it is more than this - it is to bring that thing within them, and give that thing life (or allow it life).


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To understand a thing is, therefore, to have it inside the imagination and in connection with the mind and body - to observe and feel its growth and workings.

To understand is therefore to-be-possessed-by that thing.

Extreme 'understanding' of one's imagination is therefore psychosis: when a person is possessed by the reality of their own thoughts and hears the thoughts as objective voices, believes ideas as delusions - but genius is also to be possessed by (for instance) thoughts and ideas, but in a manner which can be moved-into and out-from.

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May 12, 2017

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