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DOLPHINS: A Mind Of Their Own

Dolphins use distinct "signature whistles" to identify one another. No other animal, besides humans, is believed to have specific labels for individuals, reports National Geographic magazine..


Since the ancestors of dolphins left their fellow mammals behind and entered the water more then 50 millions years ago, humans and dolphins have evolved radically different bodies adapted to wholly separate environments. But we share on notable piece anatomy-a large, complicated brain. Among the challenges to our own big brains: penetrating the mystery of how dolphins use theirs.

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Auditory nerve

The auditory nerve in dolphins is twice as wide as it is in humans. More never fibers allow dolphins to make sense of sounds quickly.

Visual organs

Dolphins‘visual center sits right next to the auditory cortex, allowing their brains to translate sounds into images and images into sounds.   


Corpus callosum

Four times as large in humans as in dolphins, this never bundle in the center of the brains connect s the two cerebral hemispheres. Dolphins appear to shut down one hemisphere to sleep, and stay alert with the other.

Seeing With Sound

Dolphins have evolved a sensory system to detect object underwater echoes created by sounds. Sounds travels our times as fast in the water as in the air.


 (Courtesy: National Geographic - subscribe now in Pakistan)


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