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Electric vehicles on Pakistani roads?

Experts fear that government policy may allow influential politicians to import personal vehicles at nominal duty instead of nuch needed public sector pubic transport.

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In a major development, the federal cabinet has approved the much-awaited national Electric Vehicles (EV) policy eyeing the conversion of 30 per cent of four- and three-wheelers in the country into electric vehicles in the coming years.

This policy may result in increase in the prices of vehicles, which have already gone up manifold in recent months, causing the worst ever slowdown in vehicle sales

The EV policy, however, is a blessing in disguise as the local car manufacturing sector has eagerly been awaiting its approval. According to Prime Minister's Adviser on Environment Amin Aslam, manufacturers have already completed 90 per cent of the work. If this is indeed the case, EVs could be seen on the roads in a matter of months. The introduction of EV technology is the good news for Pakistan. Not only will this cut the import bill of POL, it will also reduce emissions of greenhouse gases as EVs are regarded as environment friendly

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The EV industry, given its assured success, is likely to create new jobs in the country. Similarly, the planned conversion of CNG stations into EV charging stations will offer the easy availability of battery charging facilities to motorists without much investment.







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April 11, 2019

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